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Ward 10, Spadina-Fort York includes dynamic and historic downtown neighbourhoods - from Liberty Village to the Distillery District, the Grange to our Toronto Islands - and it is a privilege to work together to build our community as your City Councillor.

Together, we’re focusing on building our downtown communities, and creating a fairer, more liveable city for all.

That means ensuring our neighbourhoods have the community facilities and resources needed for families and people of all ages. Together, we can invest in the new parks, community facilities, arts and cultural spaces, and more, that everyone in our neighbourhoods needs to thrive.

As our communities grow, we must ensure they are liveable - and we must ensure that we are building safe ways to move through and around our neighbourhoods. We’ve made critical strides in building safe streets by expanding our cycling network and putting permanent lanes on Bloor Street. We’re reclaiming space for pedestrians on John Street and prioritizing transit that works on King. These are important steps in ensuring our streets are safe, and work for all of us.

Neighbourhoods are only truly liveable, however, if they are also equitable. To that end, our office is continuing to work to improve the quality of Toronto Community Housing, build new affordable housing, expanding community services, and supporting all members of our communities.

We live in truly special downtown neighbourhoods, made better because of the tireless work of residents, neighbourhood associations, businesses, and our many cultural institutions.

I look forward to our continued work together,