250 Davenport – Revitalization Construction Update

Work on the next stages of the 250 Davenport Revitalization are beginning this week. The project team has delivered a construction update to the local neighbourhood, which you can access here.

As a reminder, in August 2013, TCHC approved the sale of approximately 1.6 acres of land at 250 Davenport to Diamond Corp. and Metropia Inc., to help fund the Revitalization of the existing TCHC building. With a budget we increased from $6.2 to $14.7 million, the project includes extensive refurbishment of the 449-unit building, new market housing, local economic opportunities, and more.

The building improvements are now in the final stages. After extensive community consultation, the plans for the new market housing were approved  in 2016. A new market condominium and townhouse units will be built on the space to the west of 250 Davenport, in addition to the creation of a new park, community green spaces including a playground and space for the local food market, and a mid-block connection that will link Pears Avenue to Davenport Road.

Critical to the project is Transition 250, a Social Development Action Plan, which I was proud to work with residents of 250 Davenport to create. The Plan identifies the social and economic priorities – food security, health services, community and capacity building – critical for building residents. Through the Revitalization, I am committed to working to implement the plan, in collaboration with the community.

If you have any questions about the work that is about to begin, please see the notice here for contact information.

As always, you can also contact my office at any time.