250 Davenport Update

In August 2013, TCHC approved the sale of approximately 1.6 acres of land at 250 Davenport to Diamond Corp. and Metropia Inc. for the development of new market housing. This sale will result in a land payment of $30-$35 million, and a portion of any profits, to TCHC. This will allow further investments in the extensive capital repair backlog at the TCHC, which is currently estimated at $2.6 billion. As part of the Revitalization, the 449-unit building will be extensively refurbished, addressing a large majority of the capital repairs required at 250 Davenport. The goal of the Revitalization is not just to repair building systems, but to improve them and to provide long-term solutions for residents.

In early 2014, the 250 Davenport community came together to identify priorities that will drive this important community revitalization project. Between January and March 2014, TCHC community animators conducted extensive consultation with residents to identify building priorities and also conducted a Building Condition Assessment to identify outstanding capital repair needs in the building. Initially, the TCHC Board approved $7 million in the 2014 Capital Budget for this project. After a year-long process to develop a holistic and self-financing plan to improve the building and quality of life for residents, additional funds were identified as necessary in order to properly address the comprehensive needs of the building and to improve the quality of life for residents and the 250 Davenport community. 

As a member of the TCHC Board and the local Councillor representing the residents at 250 Davenport, I was happy to work with my fellow TCHC Board Members to approve the recommendations of TCHC Staff brought forward to the Board in December 2014. This approval allocated an additional $6.2 million, for a total of $13.2 million in capital investment. This investment will complete the majority of capital repair requirements, respond directly to resident-identified priorities, improve comfort and safety for residents, update and improve building systems, and reduce the number of ongoing and emergency repairs.

An integral part of the Revitalization is the creation of a Social Development Plan. The Plan will help identify and facilitate social and economic opportunities resulting from the revitalization process and develop recommendations and actions to address inequality and improve the social and economic wellbeing of all residents. The process of developing this plan will focus on social equity, social well-being and resident engagement. A dedicated consultant will be working on the development of the Plan and work will begin in the coming months.

In December 2014, TCHC retained an engineering consultant firm to prepare the scope of work for the improvements that will take place. Diamond Corp. and Metropia Inc. are currently working on preparing plans for future buildings on the Western portion of the property, and plans will be submitted to City Planning in the coming months.

As I mentioned above, this process will be community-led and will involve extensive consultation and cooperation among the many partners on the project. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or write my office any time.

Join the Good Neighbours Food Market every Wednesday from 4pm to 8pm at 250 Davenport. During the Winter months, the market has relocated indoors, but can be accessed off the entrance on Pears Avenue. The Market is committed to bringing affordable fresh fruit and vegetables. To learn more about the market, visit http://www.churchofthemessiah.ca/market/