Alexandra Park Update

Alexandra Park Update

On February 11, 2014, the Alexandra Park community came together to break ground on Phase 1 of the Alexandra Park Revitalization. Over the last six years, residents, TCHC, the Atkinson Housing Co-operative and the City have worked together and developed a plan to renew aging infrastructure and expand community facilities in Alexandra Park. The 10-15 year Revitalization project is being lead by a community-based working group, and includes members of all the partners of the project. The Revitalization is divided into two main phases - Phase 1, which includes the area between the newly named Paul Lane Gardens going South to Queen Street West, and Phase 2, which includes the area from Dundas Street South to Paul Lane Gardens.

The Revitalization includes the following:

- Zero displacement of local residents throughout the Revitalization process
- 333 new townhome and apartment units
- 473 refurbished apartment units
- expanded community recreation facilities, including a new 1,100 square metre (minimum) Community Centre, new parks and new basketball courts
- 4,000 square feet of local social enterprise
- Bike sharing stations
- construction of all related municipal infrastructure (two new roads, local watermains, etc.)
- a commitment to affordable home ownership and expanding affordable rental housing in Alexandra Park

Since the groundbreaking ceremony, work has progressed regularly in Phase 1 and construction is about to begin on the Phase 1a co-op townhome and condominium buildings. Phase 1a road and servicing construction is complete, and excavation for building construction has begun and will continue for the next 2 to 3 months. Above grade work (building construction) will begin following excavation completion. Renovations to the amenity space at 20 Vanauley are complete and refurbishment throughout the building is expected to start this Spring.

An essential part of the revitalization is the commitment to community economic development that has been made by TCHC and Tridel, the Development partner for Phase 1. In partnership with Toronto Employment and Social Services (TESS), TCHC and Tridel are committed to creating employment opportunities for local residents through the revitalization process. Since 2008, 102 employment opportunities have been created through the project, and work continues to create sustainable and capacity-building opportunities. My office will continue to work with the community, development partner, TESS and TCHC, to make sure that community economic development is a priority in this process.

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