CAMH is here to stay

Back in July, news broke that the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) facilities on College Street were being threatened by displacement. This would have been a major loss for our community as CAMH provides essential medical services for a vulnerable population, including Ontario's only 24/7 emergency medical centre specifically for those experiencing mental health crises.

Over 1200 people signed my letter opposing the displacement of CAMH from their current College Street location.

Our voices were heard.

Recently, CAMH announced that a court-appointed appraiser ruled in their favour. They found that "fair market value" for the facility should be based on the existing institutional zoning, a position held by CAMH, the City of Toronto, and the surrounding community.

In his ruling, the appraiser assigned a fixed-rent for 20 years, starting in 2018, which will allow CAMH to remain.

To everyone who signed my letter, and to the Huron-Sussex Residents' Organization, the Grange Community Association, and the Harbord Village Residents' Association for their vital role in raising awareness on this important issue - thank you.

Your support has made this outcome possible.