Canada Post announcement

Dear Neighbour,

As you may know, Canada Post has announced plans to replace door-to-door mail delivery service with a community mailbox system.  Despite strong opposition and inadequate consultation, these large community mailboxes are being installed on residential streets in cities all across Canada.  Many residents and municipalities have raised concerns about the impact of these community mailboxes.  In Toronto, our densely populated neighbourhoods, narrow streets, and crowded streetscape will make implementation even more problematic. 

Concerns raised in other cities across Canada include:

-       Litter, graffiti and vandalism                                                                       

-       Mail theft and security

-       Access for seniors or people with disabilities                                                      

-       Lighting and safety

-       Increased street cleaning and snow clearing costs

-       Obstruction of sidewalks, sight-lines and streetscape

-       Increased traffic and parking violations

-       Environmental impacts from idling cars

-       Costs and damages from installation and maintenance

As the City continues to work to improve our urban streetscape through the "Vibrant Streets" guidelines to ensure pedestrian-oriented, accessible and attractive public space, in our dense urban environments, finding locations for these mailboxes will be very challenging.

In Toronto, thousands of locations will need to be found for these large mailbox hubs.  Canada Post claims it has the right, under federal legislation, to place community mailboxes on public property, including in the public right-of-way beside or in front of private residences, without City approval.  Other municipalities like Hamilton and Stratford have denied access to the public right-of-way until permits or other agreements are in place. 

If you would like an opportunity to speak out about the loss of door-to-door service and the impact these large mailboxes will have on our City, there are two opportunities to do so as Committees consider this issue next week.  Please contact:

Toronto and East York Community Council

Tuesday June 16, 9:30am

City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Committee Room 1

[email protected] or 416-392-7033    


Planning and Growth Management Committee

Thursday, June 18, 9:30am

City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Committee Room 1

[email protected] or 416-397-4579