New dogs off-leash area in Canoe Landing Park!

I am very excited to announce that the brand new dogs-off leash area in Canoe Landing Park in CityPlace is almost complete! The first step in our longer-term plan to create spaces for all park users, including our four-legged friends, we are delighted that this space is now up and running, with a few additional improvements still to come. After our work together in late 2015 and early 2016 to discuss use and space in Canoe Landing – through our community open house, CityPlace parks survey with the CityPlace Residents Association, and more – we heard loud and clear that space for dogs was needed in the neighbourhood.

As we continue to work to build a liveable community in CityPlace, it's critical that we work hard to manage and share our cherished community assets. As both back yard and gathering space, our parks are critical for the livability of our downtown neighbourhoods. I am working hard to ensure that these benefits are available and accessible for all residents and user groups.

In the near future, there are more exciting additions coming to the neighbourhood! We can look forward to two new schools, a community centre, the brand new Mouth of the Creek Park, the Bentway (that will link City Place to 1.75 km of newly activated public spaces underneath the Gardiner), not to mention the exciting developments on Rail Deck Park, our proposal to build 21 acres of new parkland over the rail corridor in our community.  

We know that around 12% of CityPlace residents have a canine member of the family. With the continuing growth in our vertical communities, the need for a designated, fenced space for dogs to run off leash is clear. As we discussed at our Open House and in our survey, the newly installed dogs-off leash area is the first step in our long-term solution to designate spaces for dogs in the neighbourhood. Moving forward, The Bentway – the exciting Under Gardiner project – is set to include a destination dogs-off leash area, as part of the multi-million dollar 1.75km new public space underneath the Gardiner, at the South end of Canoe Landing. The design of this space is set to begin once structural work on the Expressway is complete, and Phase 1 of project has been completed. I look forward to working together to design this new and exciting space, and to working together to move forward to program and share our community spaces.

As we work to get to know this brand new fenced space for dogs, let's all work together to use and share the space with respect and patience for all our friends and neighbours.

Looking forward to see how this new addition to Canoe Landing contributes to the community.