Central Tech mediation resolution agreed to by all parties

Central Tech mediation resolution agreed to by all parties

TORONTO – After weeks of mediation at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), a new field and sports facility agreement for Central Technical School has been settled on, with all parties agreeing to a solution that meets the needs of Central Tech students and families, the TDSB, and the surrounding communities.

Parties at the mediation included the TDSB, Razor Management Inc., the City of Toronto, the Harbord Village Residents’ Association (HVRA), the Palmerston Area Residents’ Association (PARA), The Friends and Neighbours of Central Tech (FANCTS), and Ceta Ramkhalawansingh. All seven parties agreed to the mediated settlement.

“From the start, we have focused on the needs of our students at Central Tech,” said Shaun Chen, Chair of the Toronto District School Board. “Central Tech has an incredible history of excellence in academics and athletics, and it is a tradition we hope to continue. Our students deserve a proper field, which is what this agreement will deliver.”

In 2012, the TDSB entered into talks with Razor Management Inc. to redevelop the Central Tech field as part of the TDSB’s Championship Field program that aims to improve access to athletic facilities and enhance opportunities for students across the city. There was wide community agreement about the need to rehabilitate the field at Central Tech, and some support for the original proposal from local residents. However, local politicians, City staff and other area residents were concerned about certain aspects of the original plan.

“This agreement represents a good resolution for our community,” said Ward 20 City Councillor Joe Cressy. “It is a testament to the hard work of everyone at the table, who all came into the room with a willingness to work together to arrive at a real solution. The students will get a new, all-year sports field, while the community will get greater access to the facility, representation on a management team for the facility, and improved public spaces and views.”

The mediation process addressed all elements of the proposal, including the new turf field, winter dome, traffic and parking concerns, and community access.

The agreement provides for a professional-grade field, and addresses concerns about community access to the space and the size of the dome erected over the field in the winter months. It also includes the establishment of a Facility Management and Community Liaison Team that will work to identify, discuss and resolve operational issues, and will include representatives from the local residents' associations and FANCTS. As well, the agreement allows for improved sidewalk space and streetscaping along Bathurst and Harbord, including expanded public space at the intersection of the two roads.

The settlement still requires approval by the OMB, which the parties will be seeking on March 23, 2015.


Download the settlement details here.