City to Provide Personal Protective Equipment to Protect our Most Vulnerable

The City of Toronto is stepping up to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) directly from its inventory to community agencies running daytime drop-ins, meal programs, and shelters. This will help to keep vulnerable clients and frontline staff safe.

The City has provided PPE directly to overnight shelters, including respites and 24-hour drop-ins, from municipal inventory.  Currently, the City currently oversees the operation for 105 overnight shelter sites. Of these, 29 are directly operated by the City, while 76 are operated by community agencies, and funded through partnerships with the city. 

The City will now be providing daily surgical masks for all staff at overnight shelter and respite sites from the City’s inventory. This extends the requirement for all staff to wear surgical masks provided by the City at overnight shelter sites, to protect staff and clients. 

Daytime drop-ins and drop-in meal programs run by community agencies were, until now, provided with seed grants to source PPE externally and help pay for other supplies.

In response to the ongoing need for PPE in daytime drop-ins and meal programs, and recognizing the importance of these programs in keeping our most vulnerable safe and supported, the City will now use municipal inventory to provide PPE directly to these programs. The Toronto Drop In Network will manage the distribution of this PPE to community agencies. 

Obtaining PPE – masks, gowns, gloves – has been a global challenge in this pandemic, including for the City of Toronto. We are still working hard to secure enough of these supplies. Ongoing support from provincial and federal governments will be critical.