CityPlace Parks Survey

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On December 16, 2015, we co-hosted an open house meeting to discuss parks and open spaces in CityPlace.

There are a number of exiting parks initiatives underway in the community, not least of which is the innovative "Project: Under Gardiner" proposal supported by a generous private donation. A new public park called Mouth of the Creek Park will also be built north of the Fort York Library, and the new school grounds at Block 31 (east of Canoe Landing) will be open to the public after school hours.

This meeting was an opportunity to learn more about these new parks, ask questions, and help shape the future of parks in CityPlace. City staff from the Parks, Forestry & Recreation division were also be present to discuss the current state of parks in the neighbourhood, including Canoe Landing Park, and hear any concerns or issues you may have. Presentation materials from the meeting are posted at the bottom of this page.

CityPlace has been growing rapidly and, as everyone living in a condo or apartment knows, in a vertical neighbourhood the local park serves as everyone's back yard. This means that our parks are asked to be a lot of different things all at once, from the home to major community events like CityFest to a space for quiet contemplation and relaxation. It's important to sustain an ongoing conversation about what's working and what could be improved, to be sure that our local parks are great parks. That's why we are asking for your comments on existing and future CityPlace parks and open spaces.

Open House Presentation Materials

Mouth of the Creek Park presentation boards

Project: Under Gardiner website

Block 31 website and presentation boards