Coming to Osler Playground - Improvements and Dogs-off-leash Area

With more and more people moving into the downtown core, it is critical to ensure that our green spaces function to meet the needs of all park users. 

Osler Playground is an important green space in the Ossington community, with many local residents who enjoy the park on a daily basis. Many families with young children and dogs share the space, so it is crucial that we ensure the safety of everyone in the park. 

Over the last few years, Councillor Mike Layton who previously represented the Osler Playground area, had been working with local residents on solutions for a dogs-off-leash area at Osler. A dogs-off-leash area (DOLA), has been approved for Osler Playground, and I am committed to ensuring that it is designed and installed as quickly as possible. We are also currently working to find ways to expand the project to try and reinvigorate other parts of the well-used community facility at the same. 

A unique opportunity with Osler Playground is to collaborate with the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), who own a portion of the land where the track is currently situated. We are working with them and their current tenant (University of Toronto Schools), to come to an agreement in order to make improvements to the track and have the DOLA installed. 

My office is working with City staff towards holding a public visioning session in the fall, so please stay tuned for updates.