Ensuring the Inclusion of Affordable Housing at 200 Queens Quay West

Public lands are among the most important assets controlled by government. Whether federal, provincial, or municipal, all governments need to have the goal of building healthy, inclusive, and affordable communities. No level of government should be selling off publicly owned land for residential housing without the inclusion of affordable housing. At our July meeting of City Council, after learning that the Canada Lands Company was seeking to sell 200 Queens Quay West for condominiums, I moved a motion at City Council asking the Federal Government to intervene, to ensure affordable housing was a critical part of the project. 

Last week, changes to the criteria for the sale of 200 Queens Quay West to include affordable housing were announced. I want to thank the Canada Lands Company for adjusting the criteria to ensure that any redevelopment proposal includes affordable housing. I look forward to receiving further information, and to working together with the future property owner in the coming weeks and months to build a healthy and affordable community on the site.

As we continue to experience a crisis in housing affordability in our city, it is imperative that affordable housing be prioritized whenever there will be residential development of public lands.