Meeting on future of the Gardiner Expressway

Next month, City Council will be faced with a decision that could fundamentally change the direction of our city for the better. We have the opportunity to alleviate traffic congestion in the long run, improve the economy, and create a truly world-class waterfront with the removal of the Gardiner East.

On Thursday, May 21, Councillor Mihevc and I are co-hosting a public forum to discuss the future of the Gardiner East. I encourage everyone to come out and have your voice heard on the debate. We will be joined by Paul Bedford, former chief planner for the City of Toronto, and Michael Kirkland, an architect specializing in urban design and planning.

Artscape Wychood Barns (601 Christie St)

Thursday, May 21


We'll be discussing: traffic flow and travel times, economic advantages and disadvantages, development prospects, long-term costs, and city-building benefits and opportunities. 

I hope to see you there for this critical discussion.