Gardiner Expressway Rehabilitation and Overnight Noise

The City of Toronto is resuming the rehabilitation of the Gardiner Expressway. The section between Lower Jarvis St. and Cherry St. is the next area slated for work.

The rehabilitation project will begin July 15th, 2019 and is expected to be completed in early 2021. The first phase of work will close the westbound off-ramp to York-Bay-Yonge Streets until September 16th, 2019. Further phases of work on the rest of the Lower Jarvis to Cherry section will be scheduled as the project continues.

The City is delivering notice to all nearby residents, from York St. to Cherry St. and The Esplanade to Queens Quay. Click here to view the notice. You can sign up for future updates by emailing [email protected]

I regret that the City and its contractor are planning overnight work during the rehabilitation. The contractor was granted permission to work overnight in order to limit congestion on commuter routes and shorten the project duration.

I do not support the overnight work and did not approve it. You can read my letter to the City Manager stating my opposition.

I have said many times that this kind of construction activity should be limited to daytime hours because it often affects thousands of people who live nearby. In order to ensure that our downtown communities remain liveable, we have to be careful to manage noise and ensure that people are able to sleep through the night. It is unfair and unreasonable to burden local neighbours with overnight construction noise, especially when the project will take several months to complete. Restricting the work to daytime might cause a few minutes of delay to drivers but they can always find a new route around the work zone – unlike neighbours who can't find a temporary new home

Unfortunately, I do not have the power to directly determine the hours of construction. City Council granted this decision-making power to City staff years ago, and they are now managing the project. This is a systemic issue with every City construction project. It is classified as "Necessary Municipal Work" meaning that the normal rules under the Noise By-law (no construction activity outside the hours of 7 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 7 pm on Saturday) do not apply.

With the decision in the hands of City staff who take a Toronto-wide perspective, facing political pressure from the elected representatives of those commuting drivers, it is vitally important that your voice and your valid complaints are heard by City staff and Mayor Tory. If they aren't hearing from downtown residents, they won't understand the serious negative impact that overnight work can have on so many thousands of homes. So please be sure to share this complaint and any future complaints about overnight noise with both [email protected] and [email protected]. I urge you to encourage your neighbours to do the same. Emailing a noise complaint to 311 in this case will create a formal record with the City, which we have seen make a difference in the past on similar projects.


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