Greater Waterfront Coalition safety report on Island Airport expansion

The Porter proposal to expand the Island Airport to allow commercial jet operation would extend the airplane runway on both sides, which severely limits waterway access around the island and brings heavy air traffic closer to our Waterfront neighbourhoods. I stand with communities across the Waterfront in opposition to any expansion of the Island Airport.

In addition to the increased air and noise pollution, the Greater Waterfront Coalition (GWC), a coalition of 70 community groups, released a report today, which details numerous safety concerns related to the proposed Island Airport expansion. 

Some of these concerns include: the size and implementation of Marine Exclusion Zones to safeguard against collisions, aborted landing precautions, transparency in safety reporting, and many more. 

You can read the full report here.

We must do everything we can to protect Toronto's Waterfront – I will continue to advocate strongly against the expansion of the Island Airport.