Information regarding exterior cladding at 250 Davenport Rd. and 20 Vanauley St.

Over the last week, we have watched the tragedy of the fire at Grenfell Tower in London continue to unfold. Our thoughts are with the families and communities affected by this tragic event.

A number of neighbours have gotten in touch with questions related to the exterior cladding at both 250 Davenport Rd. and 20 Vanauley St. I have spoken directly with senior management at Toronto Community Housing to confirm the information below, and wanted to share it widely - it is critical to know that the material used at each of these buildings is different than the material reported to have been used at Grenfell Tower in London. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

250 Davenport Road

The Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS also known as cladding) installed at 250 Davenport Road is Durex Quantum Select, which is made up of expanded polystyrene insulation, adhesive, glass fibre reinforcing mesh and a finish coating. This system is ULC rated as non-combustible cladding and in compliance with:

1.       CN/ULC-S101-M89, Standard Methods of Fire Endurance Tests of Building Construction and Materials

2.       CAN4-S114-M80 (R1985) Standard Method of Test for Determination of Non-Combustibility in Building Materials

The EIFS system and application is common and widely used in Ontario and contains no aluminum composite materials.  A building permit has been issued for the work in accordance with the Ontario Building Code (OBC).  All materials and installation practices used have been carried out in accordance with the issued building permit and OBC.

There should be no concerns with respect to the cladding system used at 250 Davenport Road as it meets all current Ontario regulations.

20 Vanauley Street

The new cladding is different from the type used at Grenfell Towers – it is a non-flammable steel siding over a non-flammable mineral wool insulation. City of Toronto inspectors specifically observed and approved the installation of our cladding (Cladding Construction Permit #68404701)

Additionally, 20 Vanauley has:

-          more fire exit stairs than the UK tower, as required by the Ontario Building Code

-          an annual inspection by the Toronto Fire Services, as well as periodic spot checks (most recently in May 2017)

-          monthly testing of the fire alarm system by TCHC site staff