King Street Transit Pilot - Update on enforcement and adjustments

The King Street Transit Pilot is about moving people better on King Street, and making the street work for everyone. Working together, we're able to make improvements as we go to continue to build a street that works for all.

Our bold move to improve King Street, the year-long King Street Transit Pilot, is now 4 months in. The fourth round of data, collected during the month of February, was released last week, and shows us that the early successes of the pilot are not only continuing, but things are getting better and better. Click here for more information.

In order for the early successes of the pilot to not only continue, but be improved, compliance with the new traffic rules is critical. Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of vehicles not obeying the through-traffic rules and turn restrictions critical to improving streetcar reliability and travel times for riders. After speaking with senior City staff on this issue, a number of increased enforcement measures are being implemented:

  • Dedicated police enforcement will be enhanced on King Street
  • Data now available on locations with high volumes of vehicle infractions is being shared with Toronto Police, who will target enforcement to those areas

I have also requested that an additional enforcement blitz take place along the pilot corridor, to continue to ensure that new traffic rules are being followed on King.

The King Street Transit Pilot is a pilot for a reason – so we can make improvements as we go. With four months of data now available, the City is also making improvements to continue to build on the early successes of the project. Transit priority signals are being activated in key areas along the pilot, with additional locations currently under review for activation. This will move streetcars even quicker through key intersections, while also ensuring we're properly reviewing other locations to prevent negative impacts for pedestrian crossings, and other road users. City staff are also adjusting signal times to facilitate streetcars passing through an intersection sooner, if no waiting left-turn vehicles are present.

Everyone is King, the public realm design competition to animate the new public spaces on King, will be rolled out in the coming weeks. This exciting public realm animation will include 2 destination parklets, activations all along King, and extended patios for many local restaurants along the corridor.

Your feedback and comments to my office at [email protected] and to the project team at [email protected] is important, along with the data we are collecting, for ensuring that we can make the King Street Pilot work for everyone. I appreciate hearing about your experience.