Long-Term Financial Plan - Phase 2 consultations

This past fall, the first phase of public consultations in the development of our City's Long-Term Financial Plan began a critical conversation in our communities - a first step in the critical conversation we need to have, together, about the city we want to live in, how to makes the lives of all our friends and neighbours fair, liveable and equitable, and how we get there.

The first phase of the public consultation on Toronto's Long-Term Financial Plan concluded in December 2016. The public told us to find ways to balance priorities and budgets, ensure we protect the most vulnerable, and to keep our social, environmental and economic commitments. They also gave input on a range of expenditure, revenue, and asset options. A summary of the public input we have received so far can be found at http://www.investinginto.ca/join-the-consultation/#phase1.

 On April 22, 2017, we are inviting Toronto to City Hall. This second phase of the consultation seeks input on governance and decision-making. We want to know more about the public's ideas for:

  • Shaping the city we want, and the long-term plan to pay for it
  • Maturing our government – How to make better use of the tools and governance structures we have, and how to get the tools and governance structures we need
  • The relationship between long-term decision-making, long-term plans, long-term finances, and implementation
  • Supporting public participation in long-term planning and decision-making, including further improvements to information and data that helps form public input

The Council Chambers, committee rooms, the Rotunda and Members Lounge are booked from 12:30 to 5 p.m. on April 22, 2017. Residents, community organizations, and staff will debate, collaborate and create solutions to improve governance and decision-making that have financial impacts. The afternoon will be webcast and recorded so residents can follow along and contribute their input online. An online survey will be open from April 22 to May 14, 2017. 

The development of this plan is crucial for the future of our city. It will help address structural financial issues, as expenditures continue to rise faster than revenues, and ensure the City of Toronto continues to provide the services that we, and all our friends and neighbours, rely on to ensure fairness, equity and liveability.

Information about the consultation, including background reports and engagement opportunities, a series of online surveys and two rounds of community meetings, is available at http://www.investinginto.ca/. The public is also invited to participate in the conversation on social media, using the hashtag #InvestinginTO.