Lower Simcoe Underpass Flood Protection Study


Virtual Public Consultation on the Lower Simcoe Underpass Flood Protection Study
December 10, 2020, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
To receive the meeting link, please contact: [email protected] 
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In 2019, the City of Toronto initiated a study to address flooding issues at the Lower Simcoe Underpass and to develop a plan to:

  • prevent the combined sewage overflow in the area of the Lower Simcoe Underpass during rainfall events
  • identify a location for a stormwater pumping station to drain rainwater from the Underpass area (recommended under the sidewalk near the hotel)
  • modify the existing Lower Simcoe sanitary pumping station

Through the study, the City has explored alternative solutions for mitigating flooding in the Lower Simcoe Underpass and is recommending a combination of sealing catch basins, the installation of a new Stormwater Pumping Station and redirecting the City’s drainage system in the area.

There are two other ongoing study and projects including the Basement Flooding Improvement Study (Area 62) and Don River and Central Waterfront & connected projects, that aim to improve water quality by reducing combined sewer overflows.

Learn more at the project website here