Making the Bathurst-Lake Shore-Fleet Intersection Safer

On Monday, November 25, the westbound lane of Fleet Street between Bathurst Street and Iannuzzi Street was finally permanently pedestrianized. The lane is closed to vehicles and remains open for pedestrians and cyclists.

With the strong support of the local community, I have been working hard for years to make the Fleet-Bathurst-Lake Shore intersection safer. It hasn’t been working well for anyone. It was a danger and a barrier for pedestrians, it was confusing for drivers and had a high rate of vehicle collisions, and it delayed two streetcar lines. Most recently, I moved a motion at City Council in October of this year to expedite and prioritize the implementation of improvements here.

Permanently closing this 200-metre portion of westbound Fleet Street is a critical "Vision Zero" street safety measure. It will shorten crossing distances for pedestrians, reduce the risk of collisions by making vehicle turns much less complex, and reduce transit delays for the 509 and 511 streetcars. No number of injuries or deaths on our streets is acceptable.

This initial step will be followed by monitoring, installation of beautification features in the spring, and a technical review of the larger intersection for further safety improvements. High-level long-term plans to completely rebuild and reconfigure the intersection were approved as part of the Waterfront Transit Network Plan in 2018.

For more information, visit my website page on plans to make the Bathurst-Lake Shore-Fleet intersection safer.