Marine Use Strategy Updates

Toronto's Harbour is one of our most cherished resources. It provides a mix of active and diverse uses, including recreational boating, water-based transportation, tour boats, and industrial shipping.  This dynamic and busy area requires good planning to maintain a balance of uses as waterfront revitalization progresses.

The last draft Marine Strategy was released more than ten years ago.

Waterfront Toronto, in collaboration with the City of Toronto, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, and Ports Toronto is updating the Strategy to align with current trends in marine uses, and to determine priorities for implementation.

The new update is focused on three themes:

Management: Who does what? The update is preparing a comprehensive ownership map of dock walls, water lots, and adjacent lands. Responsibility for maintenance, security, development parameters and dealing with high water levels are all being addressed.

Mooring: Where do the boats go? How do we support future growth? Allocation of dockwall space, storage facilities and industrial port use are being considered.

Movement: How do we get from land to water, on and over the water? Routes and destinations for existing and potential new ferry and water taxi operations are being reviewed. New public spaces in the waterfront offer more opportunities to let people connect to the water.

Waterfront Toronto is undertaking a process to establish a vision for the Harbour based on marine user perspective, and consultation with stakeholders. A first public meeting was held on February 3, 2020. The next public meeting will be held in spring 2020.

You can view materials from the presentation and boards from the public meeting here

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