Modular Housing to Help People Transition out of Homelessness

We need a range of tools and housing options in order to truly tackle the homelessness crisis in our city. That’s why need to move forward with plans to create new modular housing units that can be built rapidly to provide supportive housing to those in need. 

Modular housing refers to housing units that are pre-fabricated, so they can be assembled quickly and relocated to different areas. 

This week, City staff are putting forward a proposal to create 110 new modular rental units by September, followed by another 140 units next year. These units would help people transition from homelessness into secure housing, along with the provision of support services for individuals experiencing mental health and addictions challenges. The City plans to partner with non-profit housing providers to operate the first phase of the units. 

Modular housing has proven successful in other cities, especially in Vancouver, which has used modular units to expand access to affordable housing. 

This initiative is one more step in our multi-faceted approach to tackling homelessness and expanding access to affordable housing in our city.