My Statement on Doug Ford's Cuts to Toronto City Council

Dear neighbours,

By now, I'm sure most of you have heard the news that broke late on Thursday evening. Doug Ford has single-handedly decided to reduce the size of City Council from 47 to 25 Councillors – in the middle of an election period – without any consultation with the public, or discussion with City staff. 

This decision is only going to hurt the 2.9 million residents who call our city home. It will mean fewer opportunities for residents to work with their local Councillor to improve their parks, shape local developments, or create safer streets. It will mean Councillors will not be available to local residents. And, it means critical issues like local development won't get the attention they deserve. It will mean residents won't get the local representation they deserve.

Not only will this decision be detrimental to the liveability of our city, it was made without notice or consultation. The residents of Toronto deserve better.

I am completely opposed to this betrayal of our democracy.

Residents of our city decided what they wanted their City Council to look like. After a lengthy public consultation process, residents clearly supported moving to 47 Wards to accommodate significant population growth. Residents supported 47 wards, while rejecting the idea that reducing the number of local representatives would be good for our city.

Toronto soundly rejected Doug Ford as Mayor in 2014, and again as Premier in 2018 when over 70% of the City voted against him. He has now unilaterally decided to destabilize our local democracy and make changes to try and control Toronto from Queen's Park.

Please join us in making our voices heard, and standing up against this unacceptable move:

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