Reclaim the Name - Under Gardiner

Another exciting development for Project: Under Gardiner – today marks the launch of the City wide campaign to name the dynamic new public realm space underneath the Gardiner Expressway.

Reclaim the Name is a four-month campaign that starts today with an open call for ideas and ends with a new name, as voted on by the public. The campaign is a new way of thinking about how we name public space – perfect for this new kind of public landscape. Like the space under the Gardiner, the name should be unique to Toronto and something that will stand the test of time as the city and the space itself evolve. As well, the spirit of the project – as a collaboration between the donors Judy and Wil Matthews, Waterfront Toronto and the City – suggests that Torontonians play a significant role in naming this space. 

Project: Under Gardiner will transform the areas beneath the expressway into vibrant community spaces that will play host to a range of cultural programming – creating a new outdoor living room for the use of the 70,000 residents in nearby neighbourhoods and for visitors who use the many amenities and attractions in the area.

Here's how Reclaim the Name will unfold:

  • Phase One – March:

Torontonians are invited to send in Name Submissions online at:

DIY Brainstorming Toolkit – Our city-wide brainstorm is supported by a downloadable toolkit that gives you everything you need to host your own brainstorming party with friends and family. Download the toolkit here:

Spacing Store Pop-Up – Get inspired by visiting our pop-up space in the Spacing Store at 401 Richmond St. W. Share your naming suggestions on our brainstorm wall, snap a picture on your phone and share it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #reclaimthename and #undergardiner.

School Outreach – To ensure that Torontonians of all ages get a chance to participate in a meaningful way, the Project: Under Gardiner team will be running four workshops at local schools to engage kids and teens in naming this space and inspiring them to shape their city.

Brainstorm Parties – The Project: Under Gardiner team will run three special first-come, first-served sessions, based on the same material as the DIY Brainstorming Toolkit, to engage local residents, city builders and social entrepreneurs in this landmark campaign. Find links to event details at:

Submissions for names will be accepted until April 1, 2016.

  • Phase Two – April
    Members of a Naming Jury will meet and select a shortlist of three to five names for public voting. The jury will consist of accomplished and respected Torontonians from across the design, cultural, artistic, civic engagement and social activism fields. The members of our Naming Jury will be announced in early April.
  • Phase Three – May
    During this final phase members of the public can vote for the name of their choice on the project website. The public’s favourite name will be presented to the Toronto City Council for review and adopted as the official name of the project. Public voting details will be announced in late April.
  • Phase Four – June
    The winning name will be confirmed and the project's logo and look will be updated accordingly. All of this will be announced in late June or early July.

Join us in a citywide naming brainstorm for this new type of public space.  Check out the Reclaim the Name website to get involved!