New Bike Lanes on Douro Street and Wellington Street West

If we are committed to creating safer streets that move more people more quickly, it is critical that we invest in new cycling infrastructure. Expanding the cycling grid across all of our neighbourhoods is one crucial step we must take to ensure our streets are safe for all.

I’m pleased to announce that the Infrastructure and Environment Committee will be receiving a report with recommendations for the City to install new bike lanes on Douro Street between King Street West and Strachan Avenue, and Wellington Street West between Strachan Avenue and Niagara Street. 

These new bike lanes will provide dedicated spaces for cyclists to improve safety for all road users, and will connect to other cycling infrastructure in the area including the King-Liberty Pedestrian/Cycle Bridge, the Garrison Crossing Pedestrian/Cycle Bridge, and eventually with the West Toronto Railpath Extension from Sudbury Street.

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