New Measures to Make our Streets Safer for Physical Distancing

While the reality of COVID-19 means learning to live with the threat of outbreaks until there is a vaccine, we are also looking ahead to our restart and recovery. Part of that work includes making our streets and sidewalks safe for everyone to practice physical distancing while also living life – commuting, exercising, and enjoying being outdoors.

This means that our experts are transitioning from advising everyone to stay home, to recommending that if you are outside for exercise or recreation, to maintain a physical distance of two metres (or six feet) from others. 

On Toronto Public Health’s recommendations, City staff will be moving quickly to increase traffic calming measures to open up space for pedestrians and cyclists, close some streets on weekends and holidays, and speed up installation of bike lanes. These changes are to better facilitate physical distancing and make it possible for everyone to safely access our roads and outdoor spaces.

More details and locations are to be confirmed shortly. 

The reality is that in Toronto, our streets were designed to move cars. We need to redesign them to move people, and move people safely. These changes are steps in the right direction.