New Safety and Security Measures During Blue Jays Games

Starting today with the Blue Jays home opener, Toronto Police Service will be implementing enhanced safety and security measures around Rogers Centre and Air Canada Centre for each major league baseball, basketball, and hockey game at these venues.

Local residents will be familiar with the street closures that were implemented on game days on an ad hoc basis last year. This will now happen regularly and predictably on each game day, generally at the end of each game as crowds leave the stadium. On dates when both the Air Canada Centre and Rogers Centre are hosting games, there may also be pre-game street closures.

These street closures are proactive measures to protect the large crowds of pedestrians that leave both stadiums after a game. Tragically, there have been some international incidents where a vehicle was used to harm people in similar circumstances.

In consultation with affected condo buildings and businesses, Toronto Police Service, Rogers Centre, and Air Canada Centre have prepared a "security pass" system to allow local access to the closure area. If you require local vehicular access and have not yet received a security pass, please contact your building's property management or condo board to make the necessary arrangements.

There are no planned restrictions to public access to the neighbourhood on foot or by TTC. Visitors from out of town are being encouraged to use public transit to get downtown.