New Ward Boundaries – Approved by the OMB

As you have no doubt heard me say at public meetings and community events, our downtown communities are facing unprecedented growth and change. Currently, 90,000 people call Ward 20 home – a number that will balloon to well over 100,00 when all approved development is built. To put this into perspective, other wards in the city have populations of 30,000-60,000. This has resulted in democratic unfairness for downtown residents, when the population and municipal vote is not represented proportionally on City Council.

Last Friday, the Ontario Municipal Board issued their decision regarding appeals of the city's Ward Boundary Review, approving the 47 ward option endorsed by City Council earlier this year. Should there be no further legal challenges by the end of the year, the new ward boundaries will be in place for the 2018 municipal election. This is a critical decision for democracy and effective representation in our city. I am pleased to see that the OMB has ruled in favour of our communities, and of ensuring that all residents are represented equally, regardless of the area in which they live.

This decision has a significant impact on Ward 20 and on the downtown as a whole. Downtown will see the creation of 3 new wards, to accommodate the population growth we have and will continue to see.  Three new wards are created within portions of Ward 20 – new Wards 20, 22, and 24. A portion of the current Ward 20 also joins Ward 19, currently represented by Councillor Mike Layton.

Since the decision was released, many have asked me where I plan to run next year – to be completely honest, I have yet to come to a decision. I am honoured to represent each and every one of our communities, and feel very passionate about projects in the North and South ends of our Ward. In the coming months I will continue to think carefully about the 2018 election. In the mean-time, I remain committed to continuing to build our neighbourhoods over the next year, and to ensuring we are building communities that prioritize liveability, equity and sustainability.

Here is the how Ward 20 will be changed under the new ward boundaries:

NEW Ward 24

Northern boundary – Dupont train tracks (as current in Ward 20)
Western boundary – Bathurst Street
Southern boundary –Queen Street west (north side included in Ward 24)
Eastern boundary – University Avenue

*Under the new ward boundaries, Seaton Village becomes part of Ward 19 (currently represented by Councillor Mike Layton)

NEW Ward 20

Northern boundary –Queen Street West (south side included in new Ward 20)
Western boundary – Bathurst Street, including Coronation park and the western Waterfront as included in Ward 20 today
Southern boundary – Lake Ontario
Eastern boundary – John Street (east side included in new Ward 20)

NEW Ward 22

Northern boundary – College Street
Western Boundary – University Avenue between College and Queen, John Street south of Queen to Lake Ontario
Southern boundary – Lake Ontario

A helpful map showing the new ward boundaries (with the exception of the change in the Don Valley as approved by the OMB), is available here.

For more information on the Ward Boundary Review, click here.