Planning a Dynamic Community Hub at the Wellington Destructor

On Monday evening, it was my pleasure to be joined by members of the Wellington Destructor Community Stakeholder Group to talk about the future of the Wellington Destructor site, a former garbage incinerator built in 1925 and vacant since the 1980s. In 2017, former local Councillor Mike Layton hosted a public meeting on future re-use of the Destructor building. And this past year, the City of Toronto started a procurement process for a long-term private partner to help bring the Wellington Destructor back to life according to principles determined with the community, including:

  • Creating a local community hub with a vibrant mix of activities
  • Preserving the heritage building
  • Implementing design excellence and environmental sustainability

Our Community Stakeholder Group came together to talk about what the potential private partners are proposing to bring to the project, and help guide the direction of ongoing decision-making and future negotiations.

This is an important step forward but there is still much more work ahead for the community and the City. We anticipate that City staff will make a recommendation to City Council in early 2020 on the best private partner to help revitalize the Destructor, based on the feedback that was heard from the community in 2017 and earlier this week. Then, we will hold additional public meetings and workshops to determine the detailed plan for a dynamic community hub at the Wellington Destructor.

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