Proposed Provincial Subway Upload

Doug Ford's plan to take control of our subway system is a political slogan in search of a solution, and we must work together to stop it.

This is why Councillor Matlow and I are moving a motion calling for a public education campaign on the risks of the proposed subway upload.

Where we build transit connects directly to how we build and plan our neighbourhoods, and the TTC is central to our ability to create an equitable and liveable city for all. If the Province breaks apart the TTC, they take away our ability to design and build our city.

The TTC is a complex network involving 4 rapid transit lines, 570 bus routes, 10 streetcar routes, wheel-trans, and 570 million annual riders. It's a network that only works if it is owned and operated as one.

As the largest city in this country, as the economic engine of this province and country, our ability to own and operate our transit system is central to our success. The TTC belongs to the residents of Toronto, and it should stay that way.

The solution to improving our transit system is not for the Province to control it. The solution is for the Province to properly fund it.

Speak out and show the Provincial Government that the TTC belongs to Torontonians - attend the Transit Day of Action on February 22nd, or send a message to the Premier and Transportation Minister.