Protecting our Queen Street community - 170 Spadina OMB update

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has rejected a proposal for a 17-storey mixed use building at 170 Spadina Avenue, located at the northwest corner of Queen and Spadina. The original owner of the property, Tri Win International, appealed their original 19-storey application to the OMB in August 2014. The site was subsequently sold to Queen Spadina Residences Corp. Although some revisions were made (including to the height of the building to 17-storeys) the new owner ultimately decided to continue the appeal process.

At the hearing, the City strongly defended the interests of the community and posited that the proposal did not fit harmoniously into the existing physical context of the area – this is the position that the Board ultimately agreed with.

In issuing its decision rejecting the applicant's proposal, the Board also outlined a set of conditions under which it would consider a revised proposal, should the applicant agree to proceed in this manner. One of these conditions is that the height of the building shall be a maximum of 12 storeys and shall not exceed the width of the Spadina Avenue right of way. Other conditions relate to the distance between surrounding properties and appropriate transition to these buildings.

Should the applicant be willing to revise its proposal to fit these conditions, the Board will withhold its Order for six months to allow the parties to work toward a mutually acceptable resolution. If no resolution is reached, the Board will  then issue an Order dismissing the appeal.

Thank you to the community and all the City Staff in Planning and Legal Services who worked hard for this outcome. We will continue to update the community as we learn more about whether the applicant will agree to work with the City on a revised proposal in keeping with the above conditions, and on our work to ensure sustainable and manageable development in the area.