Toronto Public Health Meets and Exceeds Case and Contact Tracing Target

Over the past week, our Toronto Public Health team has consistently exceeded the Province’s case and contact management target of reaching 90% of cases within 24 hours of receiving test results. This work by over 700 dedicated staff is helping to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our city.

Case and contact tracing is the important work of contacting residents who test positive for COVID-19 to confirm that they are self-isolating, and then identifying their close contacts to ensure they get tested and also isolate for a 14-day period. 

At the onset of the outbreak, TPH's case and contact management team included 50 staff. Since then, the case and contact management team has been expanded to approximately 700 staff to manage community cases and outbreaks, making it the largest public health team in the country. 

Since January, Toronto Public Health staff have continually adjusted and refined the pandemic response to ensure we have more information, better data, and faster ways to monitor results and outcomes. Meeting and exceeding this provincial target is yet another example of the dedication and hard work they put in to keeping our city safe.