Safety at Richmond and Simcoe Streets

On April 4, Toronto and East York Community Council endorsed my request to install a new traffic signal at the intersection of Richmond Street West and Simcoe Street. I have heard from many residents in the area and many cyclists that it is dangerous and unsafe to try to dodge through the gaps in fast traffic on Richmond Street. We need a traffic signal at the intersection of Richmond and Simcoe to provide a dedicated, protected phase for people to cross Richmond Street, particularly people who experience mobility challenges and cannot cross as quickly as some others. Ensuring safety for pedestrians and cyclists in this location must be a top priority here and across our neighbourhoods.

Because Richmond Street West is an arterial road, the final decision on whether to install a traffic signal will be made by City Council later this month, at its meeting on April 26. I need your support to ensure this critical safety improvement is approved! Transportation Services staff have written a report recommending against installing the traffic signal, raising concerns about the potential for vehicular congestion on Richmond Street and University Avenue. I believe strongly that any congestion impact can be mitigated through updated signal timings, turn restrictions, and other common measures. We cannot let fears of modest, manageable delays for vehicles stand in the way of making our streets safe and welcoming for everyone.

If we are serious about creating a safe, liveable, accessible, inclusive Toronto, we need to ensure that our streets are safe for everyone of all abilities, all ages, and all modes of travel. In the long run, the only way to overcome congestion is to make it more attractive for people to choose to walk, cycle, and use public transit. That's why I have been working hard to implement a number of important safety improvements including reconfiguring the Queen-Soho crossing, piloting safe bike lanes on Bloor Street, and installing a traffic signal at Dan Leckie Way and Fort York Boulevard.

Please let City Council know that you support adding a traffic signal at Richmond and Simcoe. You can add your comments to the Council agenda by clicking on the button labelled "Submit Comments" at the very top of this page: The mayor needs to hear your voice too – please email him at [email protected] or call 416-397-2489.