New Cycling Infrastructure and Safety Improvements on The Esplanade and Mill Street

The Esplanade and Mill Street serve as connections to iconic destinations like the Distillery District and St. Lawrence Market. New cycling infrastructure and traffic safety plans for these important streets are underway.

Today, walking, cycling and transit make up nearly three-quarters of the trips in the St. Lawrence and Distillery District neighbourhoods, yet there have been more than 340 collisions on this corridor in the last five years. 10 percent of these collisions involved people walking or cycling, and one percent led to serious injury or death. The Esplanade is also being used as a bypass to Front Street and Lower Jarvis Street. This non-local traffic leads to congestion, pollution and noise, and delays to TTC service.

The Esplanade and Mill Street Improvement Project will:

  • Improve safety for everyone
  • Make it more attractive to walk, bike, and take transit
  • Maintain access to local and citywide destinations

Community residents, businesses and organizations are invited to a public consultation event on February 25th, 2021. The consultation will be an opportunity to learn about the proposed changes, ask questions and provide comments.