Stopping the sale of TDSB schools

We shouldn't be selling off any public schools without a consideration of the broader impact on the community. For that reason, I was proud to support my colleague Councillor Mike Layton's motion yesterday that called on the TDSB to reserve any decision on selling off schools without consulting the City first.

Across the city and in our community, schools are often at the heart of our neighbourhoods. They are not only spaces for learning during classroom hours, they are community hubs. Our schools are places for child care, adult learning, community and recreation facilities, access to greenspace, and meeting places in our communities.

In Toronto, the TDSB is the second largest landowner, behind only the City of Toronto. It shouldn't matter if schools were built by the TDSB, the Province or the City; the fact is they were all built with public funds. They were all built by Torontonians.

In a City like ours where we are in need more greenspace, additional childcare facilities, and new after 4 programming, we should be working together to better share our public spaces ... not selling them off.

To view the Motion adopted by Council yesterday, click here: