St. Andrew's Playground Expansion and Revitalization Updates

Expanding and improving our existing green spaces downtown is critical, which is why I am thrilled that we are moving ahead with work on the St. Andrew’s Playground revitalization and expansion.

The parking lot to the west of the playground will become part of the park, and a new dogs-off-leash area (DOLA) will be constructed in the new portion of the park.

The construction contract for the revitalization has now been awarded. Work will begin in Spring 2021, which will allow the park to remain fully open throughout the winter.

St. Andrew's Playground will close for construction in the spring, as soon as weather permits, for an estimated 4-5 month period. Signage will soon be posted in the park with the construction notice. 

Click here to learn more about the St. Andrew’s Playground Expansion and Revitalization

Click here to view the concept plan and presentation from the October 2019 public meeting.