Standing up against Provincial Government cuts to childcare

Childcare should be affordable and accessible. Full stop. Just like public education or healthcare, it should be affordable for all. 

The Provincial Government is now cutting 3000 new childcare spaces and 6100 new childcare subsidies. This is unacceptable and the cuts must be reversed.

On Monday Councillor Layton and I hosted a press conference alongside the Ontario Coalition for Better Childcare to speak out against the Ford Government’s severe cuts to childcare. And, at City Council this week I moved a motion directing the General Manager, Children's Services to write to the Province of Ontario re-iterating the request of City Council that the Province fully fund the continuum of learning and stabilization of early years and child care programs located in school buildings by fully funding occupancy costs. And, to ensure that continuing to fund these occupancy costs are prioritized in our City's 2020 Budget this fall. 

3000 new childcare spaces and 6100 existing childcare subsidies are now at risk because of the Provincial Government. 

I vow to continue to protect our city’s childcare services as we continue to fight back against Provincial attacks on our communities.