Statement from Councillors Joe Cressy and Mike Layton on Ontario Place

TORONTO – "Ontario Place is a critical part of our City and Province. These treasured lands represent a crucial public asset that must be respected.

The Provincial Government's decision to eliminate the governing body of Ontario Place, and comments from Ministers regarding potential future redevelopment, raises many concerns regarding the liveability of our city and the use of valued public lands.

Any potential changes to Ontario Place must be made in the public interest, and must include a rigorous public consultation process. Ontario Place is for all Ontarians. Its future therefore must be discussed and decided in public, not in backrooms. We demand that the City of Toronto and local communities be involved in any discussion related to the future of Ontario Place.

And, let us be clear – a Casino at Ontario Place does not represent the responsible use of valued public lands. No good can come from it.”

- 30 –

Media Contacts:

Lia Brewer – Office of Councillor Cressy: [email protected] 416-392-4044

Stephanie Nakitsas – Office of Councillor Layton: [email protected]