Streetcar Stop Modifications on Bathurst Street

In 2014, TTC conducted a review of all streetcar stops in Toronto in order to improve customer safety and service quality in terms of travel time.

Safety enhancements will be achieved by adjusting all streetcar stops to ensure they are located at signalized intersections or crosswalks, and service quality will be improved by removing stops that are unreasonably close together. 

The following changes along Bathurst Street will take effect by the end of November 2015:

  • Move the southbound stop that is between Bloor Street and Lennox Street to the traffic signal at Lennox Street
  • Remove the northbound stop at Bloor Street, given the close proximity to the stop in Bathurst Station
  • Move the northbound stop that is now north of Carr Street to the near side of the signal at Eden Place

Please contact my office if you have any questions about these changes.