Support for supervised injection services in Toronto - statement from former Commissioner of the RCMP

Following today's announcement from the Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David McKeown, recommending new measures to improve public health in our City by introducing supervised injection services, Norman Inkster, former Commissioner of the RCMP and former President of Interpol, released a statement in support of the introduction of these public health services in Toronto.

"Supervised Injection Services (SIS) address both public safety and public health," Inkster said. "Supervised injection services reduce disorder and keep needles out of public places. Conventional prevention, treatment and enforcement don't work for everyone. Some will stop using drugs on their own, and others will move in and out of treatment many times. While they fight to overcome addiction, an SIS helps them stay alive and makes our streets and public places safer". To read the full statement, click here

Overdose is a serious public health issue in our City – we have seen a 41% increase in the number of deaths due to overdose in the last ten years.  We need a comprehensive public health response that includes supervised injection services that will save lives and make our communities safer.