Targeted Spring Cleanup Across the City Begins

The City of Toronto is doing targeted spring cleanups across the city over the next few weeks.

Spring cleanup activities include:
• Illegal dumping cleanup
• Boulevard and laneway cleaning
• Litter and debris removal in parks
• Fence-line litter clearing
• Street sweeping to clean up dirt and debris from Toronto’s streets.

Unfortunately, the annual Clean Toronto Together community cleanup campaign was cancelled this year due to COVID-19.

During the pandemic, the City has been working hard to keep public spaces clean and safe. Staff are out each day picking up litter, emptying street and park waste bins, and sweeping streets.

Litter can have harmful effects on the environment and pose risks to both animals and people. There has been an increase in the littering of personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves, in Toronto’s public spaces. The public can do their part to help keep Toronto clean and safe by properly disposing of items in available bins and not littering on the ground. The public can also report litter hotspots by calling 311.

If residents find personal protective equipment or other trash discarded on their property, they are advised to use gloves to pick it up and to discard it in the garbage, along with the gloves, and then thoroughly wash their hands.