The facts on the Gardiner

Thanks to all of you who came out to the public meeting on May 21st hosted by me and Councillor Mihevc on the future of the Gardiner East.

We were joined by Paul Bedford, former Chief Planner for the City of Toronto, and Michael Kirkland, an architect specializing in urban planning and design. They gave an enlightening presentation that outlined all of the factors that should be considered in this historic decision faced by City Council on June 10th.

All of the facts point to one option: removal of the Gardiner East and conversion to a boulevard is the best option for Toronto. It improves traffic congestion in the long-run and opens up the true potential of our City's magnificent waterfront.

We heard from many concerned residents who are also urging City Council to choose the remove option. I hope my fellow Councillors will join me in making the right decision for Toronto's future.

Click here to view the presentation materials from that night's meeting.