TOcore Needs Your Support

After four years of hard work, for the first time since the 1970s we have a new master plan for downtown Toronto: TOcore. It's a plan to build a more liveable and sustainable downtown for the next 25 years. Each of the components of TOcore – the Downtown Planand the five Infrastructure Strategies – will help manage and guide growth and development, while ensuring that growth is accompanied by investment in all the necessary community services and facilities that support healthy neighbourhoods, households, and individuals.

Under the Planning Act, new secondary plans such as the Downtown Plan must be submitted to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing for review and final approval. This review process is underway and the province is currently accepting public comments until November 29, 2018.

It is very important that the Minister of Municipal Affairs receives supportive feedback about TOcore and the new Downtown Plan at this critical time. We can be sure that developers and other affected private interests are not passing up this one final opportunity to influence the outcome to their advantage. Please share your support through the Environmental Registry of Ontario under EBR Registry number 013-3485.

I also encourage you to email your comments directly to this Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing at [email protected].