Toronto Hydro billing updates - monthly billing begins this fall

Toronto Hydro is switching residential and small commercial customers to monthly billing. Customers will now receive 12 bills per year instead of six, with each bill representing approximately 30 days of energy use. This switch will be phased in over the fall, beginning in September.

In 2015, the Ontario Energy Board announced a requirement that all electrical utilities in the province transition to monthly billing by the end of 2016. Toronto Hydro has implemented a comprehensive plan to advise customers of the switch, including communicating through newsletters, bill envelope messages, on-line/social media, and at community events. Toronto Hydro will also be calling customers and delivering postcards just before they receive their first monthly bill.

Monthly billing helps customers manage energy costs: 

  • Customers will have a more current view of how their energy habits impact their bill, so they can take action sooner
  • More frequent billing makes it easier to manage household budgets
  • Monthly billing will align with other organizations’ billing cycles (like gas and telephone)