Toronto Islands Flood Mitigation Update

The City of Toronto and the Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) are prepared for rising water levels on Lake Ontario. Measures have been put in place since the 2017 flooding of the Islands to maintain public access to Islands Park and defend the homes of Islands residents when water levels are high.

I am monitoring the situation closely and will continue to provide updates as conditions evolve. Lake water level and rain storm conditions over the next two weeks will determine what level of flooding can be expected on the Islands. Toronto Parks, Toronto Region and Conservation Authority, and Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River Board staff are continually reviewing lake level reports and updating flooding preparations.

City and TRCA staff have organized preventative measures on the Islands including:

  1. Existing pre-built sump-pump locations are being pre-pumped to dry wet and low lying areas with existing pumps.
  2. Additional industrial pumps have been purchased and rented to be deployed to additional vulnerable locations on the Islands. This brings the pump total to over 20.
  3. Both meter (large) and regular sand bags are being filled and pre-positioned for quick deployment.
  4. 200 feet of aqua-dam is being installed.
  5. In 2017, Island ferries could not run due to the high water levels preventing the ferry ramps from being deployed safely. The ramp deployment has been modified so the boats can continue operations throughout 2019.

City Council has approved $24,706,000 in flooding and windstorm mitigation projects for the broader Toronto waterfront. This funding is implementing repairs from previous events as well as new erosion control, shoreline infrastructure, and planning management for new flood mitigation measures.

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board