Tree Planting Programs from LEAF

Looking to create a backyard oasis on a budget?
Short on time and not sure where to start?

LEAF will help you:
• Assess the conditions in your yard
• Understand what will grow best
• Select trees, shrubs, and garden kits that you will love
• Ensure everything gets planted properly
• Do it all at a reasonable price!

LEAF offers Full Service Backyard Tree Planting, Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Backyard Tree Planting, and Native Garden Kits at subsidized rates.

Also, the LEAF DIY Tree Planting Program now offers virtual consultations to residents of Toronto. The program includes:
• online educational videos
• virtual consultation with an arborist
• a selection of native trees and shrubs to choose from
• delivery of your trees and shrubs, along with mulch
• tree planting guide to help you plant properly

For more information and to order your consult or book your virtual consultation, visit