West Queen West Planning Study and Heritage Conservation District Plan

One of Toronto’s most important and historic main streets, West Queen West from Bathurst to Roncesvalles has undergone a Planning Study, and I’m pleased to announce that a City staff report with recommendations will be on the March agenda of Community Council. 

We know that this much loved street continues to face redevelopment pressures, and the West Queen West Planning Study will form a comprehensive planning framework to guide the future of Queen Street West between Bathurst Street and Roncesvalles Avenue. The intent of the planning framework is to guide gentle growth and change on West Queen West, while conserving and enhancing the character of the significant number of heritage buildings and public spaces. 

The recommendations arising from the Study are intended to:

  • Guide the height, form and characteristics of new development to ensure it responds appropriately to the existing and planned context of the study and adjacent areas;
  • Conserve and enhance the cultural heritage value and function of Queen St W as a commercial main street; and
  • Provide appropriate transition to adjacent low-rise neighbourhoods.

The Planning Study recommendations will include an Official Plan Amendment that will permit heights up to 6 storeys (20m), with the building stepping back above the 3rd storey (10.5m) and again at the 6th storey (16.5m) to maintain Queen Street's commercial main street character.

The proposed amendments to the Official Plan will also inform civic investment and improvements to transportation infrastructure, public open spaces and community facilities within the area.

An accompanying Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Plan is also underway for West Queen West that will implement guidelines to conserve the cultural heritage value and heritage attributes of the street. Read more about the HCD Plan here.

I would like to thank all of the community members who have attended meetings to provide input throughout the process, as well as Councillors Layton, Perks, and Bailão who requested that City Planning initiate this study.